Reactivity has become an essential part of trading today. For experienced professional traders, as well as those just starting out in the financial markets, being connected is now an essential part of the trading experience. Technological tools, such as smartphones, can prove to be powerful weapons when in the hands of true, experienced businessmen. Read on to learn more about the top five trading apps that we have selected for you

In a society where people are increasingly mobile and stock prices are more and more unpredictable, being tech-savvy has become a vital skill for traders. The smartphone, a technological revolution of the late 2000s, is an extremely valuable tool for any trader. It enables the investor to react to current events without having to pass through an intermediary. As a new investor, it is important that you stay connected at all times, no matter where you are. So which mobile trading apps are the ones to go for? From the ever increasing availability of Android and App Store apps, we have selected the top five trading apps that we recommend.

#1 – Trading 212: the most popular

-Available for free on Android and IOS

It’s hard to miss this UK based App, which tops the list in the Apple Store. It has been downloaded more than 12 million times worldwide and has won the loyalty of 600,000 people who are already using it to invest for free. Users can trade stocks, Forex pairs, indices and crypto-currencies.
Trading 212 has two trading modes: Aggregate mode and Hedging mode. The first one consists – when trading – of opening a position using just one tool. The second one consists of opening two positions, of the same amount, to protect yourself against price fluctuations. As for withdrawals on the platform, this can be done in a number of ways. It is possible to withdraw money by bank transfer, using your credit card, or through providers such as Paypal, for example. These withdrawals – and even deposits – are made without commission or other additional charges.

From a practical point of view, Trading 212 (available in 16 different languages) is very simple to use. Everything is designed to make investing easy. Various financial analysis tools are provided including: well designed charts, an economic calendar and market analyses. Its interface is clear and accessible. All in all, this British fintech app is a good all rounder, that you can opt for with confidence. Those who are new to trading, however, should remain cautious, as always.

– it is fully certified, and includes the Cysec license, so it is safe and legal to use in France
– it lists 750 financial instruments
– it includes two trading modes: several possible trading approaches
– various financial analysis tools are available
– full customer service provided (24 hours a day; Chat with us option)
– “negative balance protection” option: you can’t lose more than the amount your originally invested

– insufficient instruction in the use of the app
– trading knowledge / training is essential

Brokerage fees:
– Forex: major currency pairs: 3.33% / Minor currency pairs: 5%
– Gold: 5%
– Fees on shares: 20%

#2 – Libertex: best app for regulation and security

– Available for free on Android and IOS

This UK application has gained the trust of traders through 20 years of innovation and experience. More than 2 million investors currently use this app with confidence. Getting started is very easy. From the moment it is launched, customers are able to invest immediately in the most popular assets.
In terms of products, Libertex provides investment opportunities in crypto-currencies, stocks, indices, currencies or commodities. This gives both financial regulars and beginner traders plenty to work with. The only downside is that the app does have a certain number of flaws, particularly in technical areas. 

– more than 200 negotiating instruments
– Libertex is registered with Cysec: therefore it meets the European security standards
– Possibility to practice trading using a demo account of up to EUR 50 000

– it is not possible to set up automated transactions

Brokerage fees:
EUR/USD: 0.009 %
GBP/USD: 0.008 %
BTC/USD: 0.91 %
CAC 40: 0.035 %
Gold: 0.004¨%

#3 – Bloomberg: information at your fingertips

-Available for free on Android and IOS

Bloomberg is the reference site for all financial information. The content it offers makes it possible to trade directly from a smartphone, without using an intermediary.
It provides access to the latest financial market information (very comprehensive). Customers can follow the financial markets in one click and has access to details on several given periods (24 hours, six months, two years etc.). The app also offers information on the financial results of every stock you follow.
Bloomberg strives to provide the broadest and most comprehensive offer possible: from training to continuous information. It is only really suitable, however, for experienced and bilingual customers. This app is ideal in terms of providing the broadest view of the markets, although it doesn’t offer the possibility of investing directly from the mobile interface.

– provides access to the latest financial market information (live quotes for US markets; international index or Forex performance)
– provides details on several given periods
– reliable source
– possibility to create a watchlist to follow specific stocks and react quickly
– Creation of a virtual portfolio for simulations

– only available in English
– doesn’t provide the option to invest directly from the application
– intended for customers with experience and acquired knowledge

The user benefits from a free 30-day trial period. After the trial period, a subscription fee of $34.99 per month or $329.99 per year is required.

#4 – a pleasant surprise

-Available for free on Android and IOS

Available on the trading app market since 2016, this brokerage site has managed to make a name for itself. has nearly 788,000 customers worldwide (53 countries), including over 300,000 for the mobile version. It provides access to over 3,000 assets. Including: 2,733 stocks, 142 currencies, 34 indices, 54 commodities and 84 cryptocurrency pairs. This London-based UK app has won several awards: firstly it was nominated as ‘Best Trading Platform’ at the Forex Awards in 2017 and secondly as ‘Most Innovative Broker’ in 2018.
It is also at the forefront of privacy and security, as it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, CySEC and the NBRB. Its interface is intuitive, modern, and easy to use. 

– user-friendly, intuitive and modern interface
– an impressive number of available assets
– access to the latest economic and financial news
– use of technological indicators, analysis tools and charts
– possibility to create a watchlist
– includes a “risk management” mode
– free demo account 

– modifiable leverage only available for pro accounts
– the available news items are not translated into French
– some users have experienced difficulties in withdrawing their money
– fewer assets available on the mobile version: 2,000

Brokerage fees:
– 0% commissions and no hidden fees

#5 – a benchmark for French finance

-Available for free on Android and IOS

If the ruthless world of international finance seems a little daunting, is the perfect place for getting to grips with how the French financial markets work. This app mainly focuses on the Paris stock exchange. It aims to provide its users with as much information as possible on the French stock markets, and offers an educational approach. The app presents customers with information and advice on how to invest or manage their portfolio according to current events.
The CAC 40 will no longer hold any secrets for you, even though international stocks (Dow Jones, Nasdaq etc.) are also accessible. This is a reference site in terms of mobile applications for French-speaking brokers.

– mainly focused on the French stock market
– possibility to create a list of stocks to follow
– the app provides news on your chosen stocks (videos that give an update on the daily market situation)
– educational approach

– a lot of ads that can detract from the user experience does not offer the possibility to invest directly from the app

No fees or commissions


With this complete and diversified set of tools, you now have all you need to master the subtle art of trading. These five apps, all available for free on Android and Apple Store, offer different user experiences, and each one provides its own added value, whether they offer the possibility for direct investing or not. Libertex provides safe trading without the risk of incurring too many losses. offers guidance on the Paris stock exchange. Bloomberg offers targeted trading. has a very complete trading offer. And finally Trading 212 for investing without the fear of incurring significant losses. Given the highly demanding and meticulous nature of the stock market, we do advise that these digital tools are used with great caution at all times.

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