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Learning alone doesn’t work

The majority of people studying on their own get lost in the jungle of finance. This results in wasting time and money, increasing risk and giving up… However, this can be completely avoided.

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How our method works

Most of the methods available out there focus primarily on a strategy… but that only represents 20% of your success. At ALTI TRADING, we provide you with the entire ecosystem you need in order to succeed.

Generate your first earnings

Follow the complete training courses and advice from our Trading Guides. Take advantage of their experience, they have already walked the path for you, and they will show you the quickest steps towards reaching your goals.

Collect additional income

Progress quickly thanks to our simple and efficient ecosystem. Learn (finally) how to identify and take advantage of trading opportunities on the most dynamic global financial markets (Stocks, CFDs, Forex, Cryptocurrencies…).

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6000 billion dollars are traded every day on the financial markets. We show you how to collect your share of this massive pie so you can create additional income.

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Tested and proven results

We don’t provide you with miracle methods to become a millionaire overnight.
We give you concrete solutions to generate income, improve your performance and succeed in achieving your goals.


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We teach everything from A to Z

By joining ALTI TRADING, you gain access to all the tools to start and succeed in the financial markets.
All the modules are explained below …


It all starts here. In this first training course, you will learn how to make a successful start and create your first stock market earnings, whatever your knowledge or experience.

We will start by showing you how the financial markets work, and how you can take advantage of them to make money by trading, without time constraints.

Solid foundations

Learn how the stock market works and which markets and financial intermediaries to prioritize in order to invest risk-free.

The best tools

Learn about chart analysis techniques that work, trading software, demo accounts, and tax optimization.

A profit-making strategy

Learn the basics of technical analysis and spot trends in an asset so you know when to buy and when to sell.

Control the risk

How to intelligently manage your capital to make money over the long term, even during a crisis.

Manage your positions

Learn how to quickly manage your losses and your gains so you can make the right decisions, the ones that maximize your results.

Increase your profitability

Discover the principles for integrating the stock market into your daily life and investing with confidence to create new income.

“I am very satisfied. ALTI TRADING helped me to collect from $0 to $300 per day in trading.”
Oliver A. – Profitable Trader

Discover the unique ALTI TRADING experience

We make investing in financial markets accessible to everyone.
Even an eight-year old could understand it, so why not you?! 😉

Proven results

Whilst others are looking to apply a magic formula, we provide you with solid knowledge to achieve lasting results.

Community of traders

Join an active community of 125,000 traders, collaborate, get support, participate in coaching, make friends and collect income.

Unlimited coaching

Get 24/7 access to our live Q&A sessions with our expert traders.

Everything you need to make money

Forget your preconceptions about the world of the stock market, trading and cryptocurrencies.
Join the new generation of Profitable Traders.

Financial markets made simple

You don’t have to be a technical expert, a high school graduate, or good at math. Use the financial markets in ways you never imagined.

You can start with $0

No need for a large capital or thousands of dollars set aside or even a millionaire’s inheritance to make a start. Practice without risking your money.

Your time matters

The idea that you have to spend eight hours a day in front of your charts to make money is a myth. We will teach you how to automate your strategies to increase your income, create an annual income and enjoy life.

Secure your money

Investing in the financial markets smartly is much less risky than starting a business or investing in real estate. We will show you the simple and reliable steps to secure your money with confidence.

Increase your income today


DAYTRADER PRO is the logical continuation and the second training course. You will learn how to collect daily earnings to order to increase your income tenfold using the power of Scalping.

We will show you the best quick strategy for making profits on short-term Forex and CFD trading (SCALPING and INTRADAY).

Become a profitable trader

The profitability phase begins. Follow the simple steps step by step and join the Profitable Traders community.

Collect every day

Discover the ICHIMOKU indicator and profitable techniques to enter a position as soon as possible and exit at the last possible moment.

Secure your trading

Learn how to find stellar trades, the ones that pay big, and in a very short time (less than ten minutes).

Optimize your time

Find out how to achieve 80% of your results in 20% of the time through continuous improvement.

Increase your capital

Create new, stable and sustainable income: every day, week and month, starting today and continuing into the years to come.

Advanced techniques

Structure your day and organize your approach to quickly understand your results and the steps to follow to become a professional trader.


SWINGTRADER PRO is the top training course for learning how to earn a monthly pension. It is the profitable strategy to collect dividends and capitalize on the best shares and cryptocurrencies.
We will show you how to invest in the stock market in just ten minutes a month to create passive and automated income.

Succeed without stress

Learn how to create an equity portfolio and optimize your stock market returns.

Strategy and automation

Receive an email or text message notification to buy and sell at the best time.

Increase your earnings

Secure your income, know how much to invest, go from 1% earnings per month to 10% earnings per month.

Boost your heritage

Steps to achieving financial independence and how to make put your money to work.

Dividends Each Months

Find high-yielding stocks so you can collect dividends every month, quarter and year.

US stocks, ETFs

Take advantage of next-generation assets to invest successfully (even with less than $1000).


POWER MENTAL is the top training course that focuses on the primary factor of a trader’s success: psychology!
80% of trading results are influenced by emotions. We will teach you how to manage them like Profitable Traders to boost and stabilize your stock market income.

Role of psychology

Work on yourself and learn how to boost your results and stabilize your income.

Mindset preparation

How to control overconfidence, fear, anger, stress and impatience.

Understand your results

Analyse and improve your strengths and weaknesses to increase your performance.

Achieve your goals

Define your concrete objectives, set up a management plan and a trading journal.

Trader’s routine

What to do before investing, what to look out for during a trading session and what to do after.

Strong and solid mindset

How to manage your emotions well and regain self-confidence using the triangle of success.


In POWER TRADING, we will focus on the second factor of a trader’s success: technical analysis!
We will give you the keys to help you carry out effective chart analysis so that you can improve your profitable investment strategy. We will explain to our members how to improve their analysis using the right rules that can help reduce losses and boost gains.

Key to success

Understand the movement of stock charts, Gaps and Pull Backs.

Japanese candlesticks

How to detect and interpret continuation and reversal figures.

Trend secrets

The most profitable market phases and how to trade in a market without a trend (range).

Chartist figures

Anticipate a trend reversal and stay in a position longer in order to optimize your gains.

Entry / exit timing

It’s all about timing. Spot the false signals and get out at the best time.

Unlock your results

Review of your trading and tips to increase your profits over the long term.


ARYA is the first algorithmic solution that is accessible to retail traders. ARYA combines the best people and technology to assist you in your trading and boost your earnings on the stock market.
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader, the ARYA ecosystem adapts to your level and habits to provide you with the best trading experience.

Simplified trading

Eliminate manual tasks and automate your results.

Protection of your capital

Optimize your gains and limit your losses using smart techniques.

Automatic placement

Placement of entry and exit points in real time.

Optimized indicators

Identify the market trend independently.

Programmable scenarios

Stop waiting in front of your screen, optimize your time/money ratio.

Traders League

Join the competition, we invest in the best traders.